Virtual Rally to Save Democracy

In accordance with the ACLU and the League of Women Voters, one of our legislative priorities for this session is the passage of the Washington Voting Rights Act (VRA).  This bill will create more parity in local elections, helping to ensure that community members’ voices are heard fairly in all elections.

Our organization has been meeting with our legislators, and will continue to do so, particularly during Democracy Day in Olympia on January 24th.  To add weight and substance to those discussions, we would like community members to submit their comments and stories surrounding the democratic process.  Your voices dramatically amplify anything we might say to a lawmaker.

Some questions to consider:

  • What does democracy mean to you?
  • What does democracy look like?
  • Why are local politics and local elections important?
  • How do you engage in political process?
  • Do you remember voting for the first time?
  • Why do you vote?
  • If you’re not allowed to vote, what does that feel like for you?
  • What does fair representation look like in your community?


Use the space below to submit your comments or your story.  Your submission might be a full story or just a sentence or two – either will be useful.  If you have questions, please email us: