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Members of United States Congress

  • Sen. Patty Murray (D)
    (202) 224-2621 | Send email
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell (D)
    (202) 224-3441 | Send email
  • Rep. Suzan DelBene (D – 1st)
    (202) 225-6311 | Send email
  • Rep. Dave Reichert (R – 8th)
    (202) 225-7761 | Send email
  • Rep. Adam Smith (D – 9th)
    (202) 225-8901 | Send email

Not sure what Congressional District you’re in?  Check here.

Members of Washington State Congress

1st LD:

  • Sen. Guy Palumbo (D)
    (360) 786-7600 | Send email
  • Rep. Derek Stanford (D)
    (360) 786-7928 | Send email
  • Rep. Shelley Kloba (D)
    (360) 786-7900 | Send email

45th LD:

  • Sen. Manka Dhingra (D)
    (360) 786-7672 | Send email
  • Rep. Roger E. Goodman (D)
    (360) 786-7878 | Send email
  • Rep. Larry Springer (D)
    (360) 786-7822 | Send email

48th LD:

  • Sen. Patricia Kuderer (D)
    (360) 786-7694 | Send email
  • Rep. Vandana Slatter (D)
    (360) 786-7936 | Send email
  • Rep. Joan McBride (D)
    (360) 786-7848 | Send email

Not sure what Legislative District you’re in?  Check here.

**Our Action Items are now shared over email and on our Facebook page.  To register for our email list, please use the tool on the right side of this page or email us at info@indivisiblekirklandkenmore.com.

Action Item (5/12/17)

1.Start thinking about what you would like to tell our elected officials about healthcare: do you or a family member have a personal story to share?  Do you want them to know how you feel about the role of healthcare in our society?  Very soon we will be asking for as many stories and comments as possible…watch this space for more info…

2.If you haven’t already been calling our Senators to ask them to stand strong against Trumpcare, please do so. (Senator Murray:  202-224-2621  Senator Cantwell:  202-224-3441)

Here’s a script you may use during your call:

Hello, my name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [YOUR CITY].

I’m calling today because I want to ask Senator [Murray/Cantwell] to oppose the so-called American Health Care Act in every way possible. I ask that she delay, obstruct, and fight the repeal of the Affordable Care Act because citizens all across the country will die if the Republicans get their way. I also ask that she speak out publicly and often to point out the effects of this terrible legislation on the American people.

[If leaving a voicemail, leave your full street address to make sure your call is counted]

[If you have a personal story about how the ACA has affected your life, please use it instead of this script. Constituent stories are the most effective way to help our Senators make an effective case to their colleagues.]

Action Items (5/5/17)

1. (From the Indivisible WA Enviro Network)
Oppose Tesoro’s Proposed Fossil Fuel Exports
What to do – Submit a public EIS comment before May 8, 2017, asking the Skagit County Planning Commission to oppose the Tesoro “Clean Products Upgrade Project”.
Why it’s important – Tesoro proposes additions and upgrades to an existing facility in Anacortes, WA to produce lower-sulfur gasoline from higher xylene content Bakken oil (creating more fracking demand for this oil) and to produce 15,000 barrels per day of mixed xylenes, most of which will be exported to Asia for use in clothing, synthetic products and plastics.
This increase in shipping traffic, means up to five extra tankers a month entering and exiting Fidalgo Bay. Since Tesoro already has a crude oil rail terminal on March Point, the new marine oil terminal affords Tesoro the capacity to ‘transship’ export crude oil in future by oil tanker, turning March Point into a “back-door” oil export terminal.
Tesoro as a company has been fined by the EPA for violations after an explosion and fire at the refinery in 2010 that resulted in seven deaths. They’ve also been fined by the courts for continued high levels of dangerous air pollution near their oil refineries.
Leave your comments at: tesoroanacorteseis.com/comment

2. Thank WA State Congressional Reps for their NO vote on ACH.  Let’s show them some support for listening to their constituents.

CD 1: Suzan DelBene (D)  202-225-6311

CD 2:  Rick Larsen (D)  202-225-2605

CD 3:  Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)  202-225-3536

CD 6:  Derek Kilmer (D)  202-225-5916

CD 7:  Pramila Jayapal (D)  202-225-3106

CD 8:  Dave Reichert (R)  202-225-7761

CD 9:  Adam Smith (D)  202-225-8901

CD 10:  Denny Heck (D)  202-225-9740

(The only YES was from Cathy McMorris Rodgers in CD 5.  Dan Newhouse in CD 4 did not vote.)

Action Items (4/20/17):

1. The People’s Climate Movement is a broad based coalition of communities, workers, and environmental organizations dedicated to advance solutions to the climate crisis that are rooted in racial, gender, social, and economic justice.
They are hosting an Earth Day to May Day Action Week with several meetings, marches and trainings between April 23 and May 1. The full list is here: earthday2mayday.org/

Events include: April 22nd Environmental Racism Conference, April 29th People’s Climate March, and May 1 Climate Justice Feeder March and May Day Rally.

2. Escalation with North Korea (thanks to re:act newsletter for this info)

Background from Politico:
“Former Ambassador Christopher Hill, who led the Bush-era negotiations to get rid of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, said Sunday that President Donald Trump is “trying to out-North Korean the North Koreans” with his aggressive rhetoric against the totalitarian state.” As the White House was talking about sending a naval “armada” to the Korean Peninsula, and a U.S. official calling it a “show of force” in response to recent provocations, the very ships in question were on their way to participate in military exercises in the Indian Ocean, some 3,500 miles in the opposite direction — a mix-up that officials blamed on a “lack of follow up.” Further confusion resulted after Secretary of Defense James Mattis indicated the exercises were cancelled. The Wall Street Journal reports that the episode “sparked ridicule in some corners of Asia and wariness in others.”

To do:  Call your reps to request congressional approval before any further escalation, and ask them to clarify their position on efforts with North Korea.

Sample Script:  “Hello, I’m [NAME] from [PLACE]. I’m asking that [REPRESENTATIVE X] publicly call for President Trump to get congressional approval before any further military escalation in North Korea. What is [REPRESENTATIVE X]’s position on what to do next?”

 For more information:  https://www.globalzero.org/get-the-facts?utm_source=web&utm_medium=carousel&utm_campaign=GZ

Action Items (4/14/17):

1. The EPA has an open public comment period on their regulatory reform (or, utter dismantling). You can read the Executive Orders and submit comments on them here:


2. Washington Conservation Voters is kicking off their 100 Days of Action campaign on April 23 at Wilde Rover Pub in Kirkland.
From their page: Join WCV and other community partners to kick off election season with 100 days of action! We will share with you some of our strategies this election season, discuss some key issues and themes for this election, and talk about how we will engage our friends, communities, and neighbors in this critical election.

Action Item (4/5/17):

(From 350 Seattle, a climate justice organization – thanks to Janetmarie for sending this along.)

Can you call the Seattle Mayor today and ask that he make a public statement in support of fossil fuel divestment of the pension fund?

Mayor Murray: 206-684-4000

Suggested call script: “I am calling to ask that Mayor Murray issue a public statement in support of fossil fuel divestment of the City’s pension fund. Our city has no business investing in companies like Energy Transfer Partners and TransCanada, corporations that are destroying our shared climate and abusing treaty rights.”

Some background from 350:

Monday, after 350 Seattle activists helped to draft the resolution, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to seek out financial institutions that do not provide TransCanada or the Keystone XL pipeline with project-level loans. This is our first big win in the renewed battle against KXL–and it sends a powerful message to banks that TransCanada is a toxic investment.

Now, we need to keep working to ensure that the City’s $2.5 billion pension fund divests from fossil fuels.

Following the February delivery of a letter to the Mayor by environmental justice, faith, labor, and community leaders, we were met with six weeks of silence….so after our victory at City Council Monday, over 100 activists visited the Mayor’s office to ask if he supports fossil fuel divestment. Still we’ve received no reply.

Action Items (4/4/17):

1. Call your state reps and encourage them to support HB 1611.

From Washington Conservation Voters:
House Bill 1611, concerning oil transportation safety, passed out of the House Finance Committee last week and is now awaiting a floor vote. The provisions include increasing the barrel tax and expanding it to pipelines to fill the $3.6 million shortfall in oil spill prevention and clean up funding are likely to become an important part of the budget negotiations.

2. Help support HB 2182.

HB 2182 will help add $50 million of critical revenue to the budget for toxic clean-up, prevention and public participation grants.

Watch the House Budget Committee hearing live at 9AM, Tuesday 4/4.  Or you can watch archived videos about two hours after the live session happens. The State Legislature website will link to the videos, as well as give more specific information about this bill and give an easy link to comment on the bill:


From Washington Conservation Voters:
This week’s phone bank will be on this important budget bill, HB 2182.
Each week we call on the most pressing environmental legislation in Olympia and we could use your help! If you are in the Seattle area, RSVP back to Kat Holmes (kat@wcvoters.org) to join our phone bank this Thursday (4/6) from 5:30-8pm at our downtown Seattle office (1402 3rd Ave. suite 1400). If you cannot make it in person, join us for our weekly phone banks remotely! Watch our “phonebanking 101” video and then tune in via Webinar to our briefing and phonebank session!

3. Call your state reps to support SB 5472, the voter drop box bill.

(From the League of Women Voters:)

Under current law, each county is only required to have one drop box, except for very large counties, which are required to have two. Far too many people cannot easily and reasonably get to a drop box, and therefore miss the opportunity to vote.

SB 5472 would require a ballot drop box for every 15,000 registered voters.

In the last few weeks of the session we see increasing competition for the legislature’s time and attention. We need massive contacts from constituents to get this bill pulled to the floor and passed.  The bill has passed in the State Senate, but needs help getting through the House.

For more information on the bill:


Action Item (3/30/17):

(From 350 Seattle, a climate justice organization)

Tell Seattle City Council President Harrell and Council Member Gonzalez we need a #DefundKXL Vote!

The Trump Administration just approved permits for Keystone XL, but the project still needs funding from the banks. If we stop that funding we can stop Keystone XL Seattle started a national movement by dropping Wells Fargo. We can do it again by promising to dump any bank that directly funds Keystone XL.

The City Council is considering a resolution to do just that, but Council President Harrell has yet to schedule it for a vote, and Council Member Gonzalez hasn’t taken a position on it. We need them to hear that people in Seattle and across the country need them to act now. Can you call Council President Harrell and Council Member Gonzalez and ask them to vote yes on the Defund Keystone Resolution this Monday?

Sample script for Harrell (206-684-8804): Hello my name is XX, and I’m calling about the Defund Keystone XL resolution. I’m calling to ask that Council President Harrell schedule the vote on the resolution for this Monday, April 3rd. I’m also asking that Council President Harrell vote yes on this resolution. KXL threatens our climate and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and landowners along its route. Seattle should set an example for the country and make sure our city isn’t financing this dangerous project.

Sample script for Gonzalez (206-684-8802): Hello my name is XX, and I’m calling to ask Council Member Gonzalez to vote yes on the Defund Keystone XL resolution in full council this Monday. KXL threatens our climate and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and landowners along its route. Seattle should set an example for the country and make sure our city isn’t financing this dangerous project.

Action Items (3/28/17):

1. Do you know your state legislative district?  Do you know who your state senator and two state representatives are?

If not, find them!  http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder

Then, follow your Reps on Twitter, FaceBook, Newsletters:




2. Contact the House Finance Committee and ask them to vote YES on HB 1611

(Find the Committee members here:  http://leg.wa.gov/House/Committees/FIN/Pages/MembersStaff.aspx)

  On Thursday, the House Finance Committee is considering HB 1611, which would improve oil transportation safety. 

Information on the bill:

From the bill digest:  Addresses oil transportation safety to: 1) Enhance safety measures that protect against the risk of oil spills occurring on land and water; (2) Provide a sustainable source of funding for the state’s oil spill preparedness and response program; and (3) Ensure the state’s ability to recover from a large oil spill.

From the WA Environmental Priorities Coalition:  Current Elements of HB 1611

Funding and Financial Responsibility

–Update the barrel tax to provide reliable funding for oil spill prevention and oil

transportation safety by eliminating the export tax credit and expanding the barrel

tax to pipelines.

Marine Protection

–Direct the state to adopt rules to protect Puget Sound from increased threat of barge

traffic and risk of new tanker traffic carrying tar sands

–Improve transparency and decision making if an existing facility changes from

importing crude oil to exporting oil.

Pipeline Safety

–Ensure a fair review and public input on projects to build a new pipeline or expand

capacity of an existing pipeline.

3.  Special Elections – (from re:act newsletter)

These elections may not be happening in our state, but there are still ways to help – you can donate, you can phone bank, you can be part of their social media efforts, etc.

Jon Ossoff for Congress (GA)

Background: Democrat Jon Ossoff, a former John Lewis staffer, is running in the Georgia special election for Tom Price’s vacated seat. Hostility toward Trump gave the president just a 48–47 win in the previously red district. Election is April 18. https://electjon.com/

Rob Quist for Congress (MT)

Background: Quist is the Democratic nominee in a special election to fill Montana’s lone house seat. A local report wrote how Quist “ranches in Creston and toured the state as frontman for the Mission Mountain Wood Band, and he has a kind of rock star appeal. When he stumps about the Affordable Care Act, people cheer him on, as though singing along to the chorus.” Election is May 25.  http://robquist.org/

James Thompson for Congress (KS)

Background: Thompson is a civil rights attorney and Army veteran who is running to fill the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo (R), who went on to lead the CIA. Election is April 11.  http://www.votejamesthompson.com/

Prince Chestnut for Alabama House of Representatives

Background (from Flippable): “Prince Chestnut is the presiding municipal court judge for the city of Selma. He has operated a successful law practice for 10 years and has served the Alabama Black Belt for 15 years. His clients list as a lawyer includes major nonprofits in Central Alabama, rural water authorities and other local governmental entities.” Election is April 18.  http://www.princechestnut4house.com/

Action Item (3/21/17):

Four voting rights bills are being heard tomorrow (Wednesday) in the State Senate Government Committee.

(WA Voting Rights Act HB1800, Extending time for voter registration HB1468, Youth preregistration HB1513, DISCLOSE Act HB1807)

Please contact your senator and the senators on the State Government Committee to support these bills.

State Government Committee:

  • Senator Mark Miloscia (chair, 30th LD):  360-786-7658
  • Senator Hans Zeiger (25th LD):  360-786-7648
  • Senator Kirk Pearson (39th LD):  360-786-7676
  • Senator Sam Hunt (22nd LD):  360-786-7642
  • Senator Patty Kuderer (48th LD):  360-786-7694

Action Item (3/21/17):

The state legislature is currently working on budgets. Contact your state senator to ask for a plan to generate state revenue in a fair and adequate way. We need a progressive revenue plan that will generate enough to fully fund education.

From the League of Women Voters:
The Governor has already released his ideas regarding a balanced budget and the sources of revenue. The House and Senate will release their versions in the next two weeks. They then must agree on one version to send to the Governor for his signature. These competing versions must be balanced and identify where the revenue / cuts will come from. At this point the two versions are far, far apart.

Washington has the most regressive tax structure in the US. We rely too heavily on the sales tax which is grossly unfair (regressive) while at the same time more and more tax breaks are being awarded to corprations. In addition we are transitioning from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy. High paying industries, like financial services, can pay the same B&O rate as other businesses. Businesses need to stop asking the taxpayer to clean up the pollution impacting our health and environment. A carbon pollution tax is a fair way to clean up the pollution impacting our health and environment. Fairness means we all share proportionately in supporting our state as a great place to work and live now and in the future.

Another way to progressively generate revenue, from the League of Women Voters:

Over the years many tax loopholes/preferences have been given to businesses needing a competitive boost. But times have changed. Many of these tax adjustments clearly do not serve our state or our residents. Each tax exemption or preference is money that could be used for educating our children, protecting our environment, or effectively governing our state.

Exempting people buying personal airplanes from a sales tax; giving tax credits to soft drink sellers on their purchases of carbonated beverage syrup; or giving preferential tax rate for re-sellers of prescription drugs- These are examples of tax exemptions that need review in light of our changing times.

Other Actions to Take: