Kathy at our first meeting on 2/12

Who We Are

We are members of Kirkland, Kenmore, and other towns on the eastside of Seattle.  We include a diverse group, with a variety of backgrounds, political positions, and priorities.  We come together to offer support to each other in trying to achieve all of our community goals.  In a time when it can be overwhelming to keep up with the news, much less influence it, there’s great value in having a group of people to help share that burden.  We have a variety of subcommittees to help share the workload.  These committees include Civil Rights (constitutional rights, immigration, LGBTQ rights, human rights), Women’s Issues, Education, Environment, and Elections (reforming, voting rights, winning).

What We Do

  • We interact with our members of Congress, at both the state and federal levels
  • We interact with local elected officials, like city council members and mayors
  • We research issues and legislation; we share this research with the larger group
  • We attend community events, like marches and rallies
  • We work with other organizations, like the ACLU or FuseWA, to further our goals

To Join Our Efforts…

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