Welcome to Indivisible Kirkland Kenmore!

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Volunteer Opportunities for the Summer:  Help Fight Summer Hunger for Children

To learn more about summer food insecurity and to find details on 3 different ways to help this summer:  Volunteer Opportunities in Our Neighborhood.

Our Mission:

We are fighting for a positive vision for our lives and our community.  This fight involves resisting the current administration’s agenda, but it also means going beyond that – being proactive, not simply reactive.

We imagine a nation where all voices are heard, where hate has no place, where the sick and struggling are supported, where the planet is treated as precious, and where democracy is strong.  This agenda is far more important and more powerful than anything coming out of Washington DC right now.

We utilize all levels of government to implement this vision – federal, state, and local.  Our group is actively engaged with the community:  with our elected officials, with other organizations, with sister Indivisible groups, with businesses, and with concerned citizens looking for support.



Inclusion – we want to hear from diverse perspectives, knowing that this diversity makes us stronger.

Respect – we are a safe and supportive community.

Truth – we deal with fact, not allowing ourselves to slip into the emotional frenzy that is so tempting in these times.

Peace – we fight for our vision using peaceful tactics.

Democracy – we know that our country is strongest when our democracy is strongest.